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The Story of

Higher Being

Hi, my name is Bec Cossio of Higher Being. As a wife and mother of three, a daughter, sister, and friend, my life is rich with love, connection, and a deep sense of responsibility to those I care about. Amidst these fulfilling roles, I have embarked on a new journey studying counselling and become a practitioner of NLP. Driven by an intuitive passion for helping others, I've dedicated myself to the transformative work.



When I work with you, I will strive to integrate the intuitive wisdom I have gained from my own life experience and my professional knowledge, to create a compassionate and nurturing space where you feel empowered to explore, grow and flourish.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to support my clients on their journey towards personal growth and transformation, and I look forward to the privilege of walking alongside each individual as they uncover their higher being.


To empower my clients to create a life they are in love with. To give them the tools to navigate life challenges with resilience, clarity and a sense of purpose, to guide them towards the path of curiosity, self-discovery and fulfilment. 

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